Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seasonal and Holiday Items

I've gotten around to posting a few seasonal and holiday items this year! There are some pumpkins, witches, mummies and a bunch more!

I've also finally gotten my hands on some metal clay thanks to my awesome brother so here are some pics of my latest things too! Hope you enjoy! :D

All of these are in my etsy already too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super Adorable Game - Sushi Cat The Honeymoon

I have an obsession with cute things... and games... and food. I found this game surfing around and I have to say it is cute, fun and involves food (slightly)!

I haven't tried out the original yet, but in Sushi Cat The Honeymoon is a flash game in which you play as a round little cat and get to eat sushi in a pachinko style game. Eat as much sushi as you can in the 5 lives that you have, collecting bonus multipliers and super items like a ball of yarn or a pea of wasabi on the way. At the bottom are boxes with multipliers on them which will give you extra points!

Overall I'd say this is an addictive game good for a lazy summer day. Not sure about the replay value of this though. I'll let you know once I finish the game.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Skincare Review: Shiseido Pureness and Weleda Skinfood

Just two weeks ago when the weather was beautiful and summer-like, I made a trip to Kinokuniya near Bryant Park, and Sephora. I had been breaking out lately and the face wash I had been using just wasn't cutting it anymore. I had been using the Body Shop's green tea line, including the face wash, blackhead scrub and matte moisturizer. However, like many companies these days, the Body Shop changed its formula, making it overly harsh and drying. Here's a review of some of the new items I bought.

First thing is Shiseido Pureness deep cleansing foam. I've got combination sensitive skin; meaning and oily T-zone and can't take too harsh chemicals. Shiseido Pureness has a smell that's a bit hard to describe and can be a bit overbearing for some, but it's nothing too bad. A little goes a long way with this stuff so you would only need a tiny pea size amount to wash your whole face. Pureness leaves the skin with a literally squeaky clean feeling. It's refreshing and doesn't completely dry out my skin. You can get a 3.6 oz tube for $21 at Sephora, making it more expensive than many other face washes but worth every cent.

Next was a new moisturizer; Weleda Skinfood. I picked this up the next day at Whole Foods. This is also available in Target and some other retail stores. All I have to say about this stuff is, AMAZING. I have never used a moisturizer so effective. Like the Pureness wash, a little goes a long way with this stuff. It has a nice citrus smell and really hydrates the skin. Skinfood isn't made specifically for the face, as you can see from the package, but I heard some good things about it so I decided to try it out. It has a really thick, paste-like texture and feels a bit sticky, so make sure not to use too much.

With this new skin routine my entire complexion has improved dramatically. No more huge embarrassing pimples, and my skin is healthier and younger looking. If you don't want to spend the money on the Shiseido Pureness, at least get Skinfood. I got a 2.5 oz tube at Whole Foods on sale for $11.99.

Wish I could upload a picture of my skin now but I don't have a picture to compare it to before. Anyway, if I do get acne now, it's really tiny and goes away within a day. :) Hope this can help anyone who is suffering from acne problems. Feel free to ask any questions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baking up a storm

So NYU gave its first snow day in who knows how long. New York was hit with a huge snow storm and I'm glad I didn't have morning classes. Though I did end up going out to dinner for a friend's birthday.

This past weekend my aunt, uncle and cousin visited since she's got her mid-winter recess this week. I ended up making cream puffs, monkey bread and baked garlic fries. I'll link everything.

First was the cream puffs. I got the recipe from joy of baking and it was super easy!

Next was monkey bread. I never even heard of this before but after stumbling upon this recipe I knew I had to try it out. Just buy a can of buttermilk biscuits and you're ready to go. Top with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter to make this delicious treat. When I woke up the next morning the whole thing had been devoured.

Lastly, some baked garlic fries. These too were gone in about 10 minutes. I didn't have any garlic powder which the recipe called for so I guess they didn't taste as good as they could have.

Now it's back to school and all that work. :( Can't wait until spring break.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mint Ice Cream Tutorial

*EDIT* Sorry realized that the picture is way small! >.< Here's a link to a bigger version.
My very first tutorial! Please let me know if you use this tutorial. Check out my etsy if you like this. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I've been up to

It's been way too long since I last posted anything. Just to let you get an idea of what I've been up to this past half year.

Been making plenty of plushies and charms. I've been experimenting with photoshop too after not touching it for a few years. Here's what I've done.

Let's show you my workspace too! I've got pretty much two workspaces now. One is at home, and the other is at school. At school I mainly work with pieces which require painting and at home I make my miniature foods. Here is my home workspace:

I find that it's much easier working at home than at school so I end up coming home more often than I should. XP My dear boyfriend had to move away too so I've been pretty down lately. So has my Westie, Nana. We lay around like this all day long.